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Better school than home….

Mbethe Thembisile.

A huge and stressful argument risen between the DOE and teachers unions on shutting down of schools. The teacher’s unions wanted that the minister of education Angie Motshekga to shut down the schools and to consider the 2020 school calendar voided. The unions also had invited the schools organisation (SASCO) to join in to persuade the minister to shutdown schools. While the minister was busy consulting with the cabinet, Cosas on the other hand took its own decision to go school by school and command the teachers & learners to evacuate with immediate effect. In my mind was WOW !! This is the kind of SA we want to live in…..taking own decisions and do as we please.

Then a questions crossed my mind: Are the unions doing this because they really do care about learner’s and teacher’s lives or the teacher’s lives only? Because if they also do care about learners then they should think about this: If / when the schools are being shuttled down, who is going to look after the kids at home as the parents are getting back to work? Who is going to remind the kids to wash hands regularly? Who is going to supervise the kids whether are or not wearing masks all the time, whenever going out and who is going to supervise the kids while playing on the streets and remind them about social distance, no touching and no hugging one another etc.???
Learners are safer at schools that at home, at least at school there will be supervision for at least +/-7 hours than kids playing or roaming around on streets for the whole day. I PREFER SCHOOL THAN HOME.