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Cable Theft frustrates community in Sefikile Village – No action from Police

25- August-2020
Christinah Mogobye Sefikile village Moses Kotane Local Municipality

Since lockdown everyone in our community sleeps with one eye open due to cable theft in our village. The strange part is that cases are being reported at Mogwase police station every day, as in everyday not twice a week but every day since cables are stolen every day from this very village but cops are not patrolling. This thieves go as far as stealing 5 cables in one night and this has really caused a great fear in our lives, you cannot sleep knowing that people can barge in your home and steal your electricity cable.

The problem is that even if you can hear them you have no control over it as you fear for your own life. We hardly sleep because we always wonder which household is next and honestly such is not life, I wish there was a way for cops to deal with this matter in a better way because it now seems it’s out of their control and they should be helping us.

People have to go out of their budget to go to Mogwase police station to report these cases and again deal with the stress of calling Eskom now and then to come and fix the problem. Many people have lost their jobs and since companies are not hiring people resort to stealing. Not that I condone such unbecoming behaviour as it also affects me but Covid-19 has so far affected many lives very badly but so far I only managed to assist 3 families to help contact Eskom with my own airtime and log a call at Eskom with the case number given to the victims and at least they all got helped, cables have been replaced.