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Changes brought by lockdown into our children’s lives.

Mahadio Mohapi
28July 2020

Ebola, HIV&AIDS, Cholera, TB, Swine Flu and others illnesses and diseases had and still affect the lives and the wellness of the human nature globally. Most of these diseases killed many people before vaccine or cure could be researched, tested and approved.

Towards the end of 2019, the world experienced a ruthless and merciless pandemic known as Covid19. The outbreak of this pandemic is believed to be from a certain Chinese town. All of a sudden, countries of the world had to put measures in place to reduce the spread of the Corona Virus.

Tens of thousands as well as hundreds of thousands of people died of this pandemic. The common measure put in place by countries is Lockdown, then everything changed some of the changes brought by lockdown intro our children’s lives include a few months of no school, teenagers turning to criminals and starting to play morabaraba and to take drugs

Our group involved in this matter after discussing the danger that these children are face with. What is left now is for us take action and bring about change in Kanana