Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Clean Environment

17 August 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

Living in a clean environment leads to a healthy life but some people throws waste anywhere which is dangerous to other people living around that place. One day I passed dog waste next to the main roads which shows that someone sweeps his/ her own yard and threw next to the road. People throw things all over instead of putting waste in one place and burn it afterwards.

There has been a smell of a dead dog which was on the road for days and owners of the yard decided to ignore it and the smell was terrible. Chickens were feeding on that dog and the way it smells the owner should have dug a hole and put it in.

 If we as people do not take good care of our homes and their surroundings who will? This kind of waste go straight in to the rivers if it is raining and it is a health risk to the people who drink water from the rivers and the things living in the water.