Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Community disregarding lockdown rules 26 July 2020

Sefikile Village
Christinah Mogobye

Overcrowding and failure to stick to lockdown rules remain a huge problem in the fight against Corona virus in our community. On the previous post I mentioned the problem we had about people not wearing masks when they leave their homes, now it’s even worse, people are still gathering for fun, having drinks in public and still not maintaining social distancing.

During the first weeks of lockdown cops were doing their jobs, they were patrolling and arresting those who broke the rules but now this is not happening anymore and it’s where they are needed mostly because people are living normally now, it’s like there is no Corona virus.

These are some of the reasons parents don’t want their kids to go back to school because if adults can break rules what about the kids? What are we teaching our kids and what example are we setting on them, I mean not wearing masks but expecting our kids to wear them? It is so senseless but I am glad there are responsible community members who see this as selfish and irresponsible and I believe I can work with such community members to prevent this from happening.
I am still monitoring and observing the situations at local tuck shops, people are now starting to comply, I go to the tuck shops every day to see if things are still in order and so far so good.

This course has really assisted me, I could not voice out my opinions or raise concerns to people with such behaviour before but now I can speak and put an end to some few things, thanks to Bench Mark. We may not control the whole community as activists but at least now they know what is expected of them as a community in regard to reducing the spread of the virus. We should not give up and we must keep on helping cops because if they can’t do this, then someone must and it’s our own communities after all, it comes back to us.