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Community Planning Action to Shut down KG Mall – Poor handling of COVID infections

Emalahleni Mpumalanga
Ronald (VEM)

Last week at Shoprite at KG mall shopping mall, one of the staff member tested positive Covid 19, as soon as Management find out about the incident they closed the store for one day and opened the following day.

Community of Vosman we are asking what are the rules of Covid 19 says because it was supposed be closed and the staff members should undergo testing and stay at home till the results come back, the store should be fumigated Management didn’t follow the procedure instead they opened its businesses as usual.

Again on Tuesday one the staff member was tested positive again guess what they closed for few hours, when community members confront management to close the store and do what’s right it end up to a big fight the Manager of Shoprite she said she came here to make money it means money it’s more important than lives of people.

Community of Vosman they are planning to go and close the whole KG Mall on Tuesday because of one store they put our lives in danger they don’t care about our lives of our people they after profits….