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Covid 19 and school nutritional feeding scheme

Mohuba Clifford
Monametse Atok
25 July 2020

It is very sad and heart-breaking to see a child crying over a hunger on other hand as a parent you can’t do anything about that
My talk with other parents made me realize that it’s important for school to be open during this trying time cause most of the families believe that the feeding scheme is more helpful
Some do says yes they fear for their child lives but what could be worse is that there’s other pandemic that they most fear that it’s hunger and it’s believed that if children could be kept at school and be monitored and being fed is better than them being home roaming the streets coming back home sick and yet die of hunger
Most families have only meal a day which will be during the dinner time but if they can be kept at school at least they’ll come back home for their last meal