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Covid 19 – The struggles of undocumented foreign nationals

Lephalale Municipality
Lucky Letlhaka

During this lockdown directives from our Government people experiences many things.

My concern as a human being is about undocumented foreign nationals. Are they getting a necessary help and services? Some of them don’t want to consult in hospitals or report to police stations because they know very well that, they don’t have legal documents.

Besides that, they are our brothers and sisters who lives within our communities. Even though they don’t have legal documents to stay in South Africa but they are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. My call as an Activist to individuals and groups, is to manage to live our Africans and give them a necessary support, let’s unite with them. We are all humans and let’s make sure that they are Covid 19 compliant, they have access to hospitals etc. Failing to take this in to account we might be infected and affected.

Pic – Lucky Letlhaka talks to the media on this issue