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COVID restrictions comes with pain to the poor

Empumelelweni Emalahleni.
Mbethe Thembisile.

I had hoped that in level 2 of lockdown the “no visitors” restriction in hospitals will be eased but in my surprise it didn’t and it so sad. My mom’s cousin was admitted at the hospital in Nelspruit and the nurses didn’t allow the wife to bring clothes for her husband because they (nurses) are not sure whether the clothes have the virus or not. As it is restricted to visiting the families are relaying on telephone & cell phone communication with the patient.

 So the sad part was when the nurses tell the wife not to call again because they are busy and not to call her husband cell phone anymore because the man needs to rest. The wife respected the nurses wish she didn’t call her husband’s phone for 2 days, in day 3 her instinct tells her to call the hospital she did just that and in her sad surprise the nurse told the wife that her husband past on and they are sorry that they forgot to let her know immediately because they are very busy.

So if the wife couldn’t call…she wouldn’t know that her husband has passed on.. That’s the sadness part about some restrictions of lockdown due to the pandemic covid 19, because if visitors were allowed they should have soon notice the passing