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COVID19 – People are tired, some have thrown in the towel

31 July 2020
by Mmabore Mogashoa

It is level 3 and judging by the behaviour of the people one can see that they are tired or thrown a towel. Sekhukhune covid19 cases are increasing every month but we still see people walking around with no masks or maintaining the social distance.

 Some of the household even allow visitors now. People are in trouble because the smaller percentage that is obeying the rules are also in danger as people just come to your home uninvited. Most of the people have cell phones which can be used for messaging and calls but no, it looks like people have forgotten about the pandemic.

Weddings and parties have been stopped but you can see that people are not scared of COVID19 but the police. If there was no one to arrest or fine them they will throw parties or go on with weddings. Problem is Corona is here and with the way people are behaving it will take months for this virus to live us alone. If one listen to Radio, TV, children and every corner of a village or town people are talking about Corona. What will happen if things go on like this? Yes we have challenges like food, water and other basic need but we are the ones who will suffer at the end. Things are not looking better, even schools have closed for a short time. Something must be done for people to be safe.