Tunatazama - Community Monitors

COVID19 REPORT – School side report.


What do we as parents say about the life of our children?
Do we want our children to stand on their own as they have already started before we act/say what must be done for them like the Mafikeng students?
What happened to the CONSULTATION that is/was preached by the government? And who is this government?
Aren’t we the government?

The government should stop telling us what is right for our children and start consulting us about our children like we know nothing about our children. Let us do what we preach and be done accordingly.

The government should also do as it preach. The lives of our children and teachers are at stake so let’s all take a stand for them as the teachers are teaching the future of this country. The states of this COVID29 is going up every day but the government keep saying they should go to school and work.

Let’s stand for their lives before it gets worse and loosed the future and the future teachers.

Mine side…

States of the workers losing their jobs is keeping on increasing and none is saying anything. The long we keep saying nothing the more is going up faster. The most important thing is that there should have been a plan before this happens but no nothing and no plan at all.

What are we the mining communities say about:
1)influx of people
2)over crowding
4) and etc.

The clinics will be full. The fact that there will be no more work it means there will be more unlawful/criminal activities.

Let’s stand up and do and or say something that will being change to our lives and or communities.

Let’s respect the regulations with facts and plans on how to change the lives of others and us too. School side report.