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Dangers of wearing unbreathable masks

By Mmabore Mogashoa
17 August 2020

It is now time of the pandemic and all people are expected to wear masks at all times. I have seen people who take of their masks and some putting them under their chin. People sewed their own masks and we have seen people selling masks at every corner.

 There was no education at all as to which mask is safe and being scared of the virus made people to use any cloth material to make musk. People who use unbreathable masks take them off more often which expose them to the virus.

People cannot afford masks and some prefer to make them or buy cheaper ones sold in the street but you cannot blame them. Taking off the masks increases the risks of infections. Some don’t even bother to wash the masks as long as they had put it on. People need education on how to make safe masks and ways in which one can recognise a safe mask.