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Feeding school children during covid19

Sekhukhune District, Ward 13
28 July 2020
By Mmabore Mogashoa

Makgane Higher Primary school is situated in Tshehlwaneng area in Makhuduthamaga Local Municipality and attended by children from Ward 12&13. Last week it was announced that parents for Grades R, 3, 6 and 7 should come with Identity Document to collect food for the above mentioned grades. Problem is that the food is not for all the grades and parents cannot give the food to only the children who were mentioned above while at home.

The food feeding schemes do help for children who are unable to get nutritious food at home but now COVID19 is here. Better decisions should be taken to avoid confusion. There should be communication between children representatives, government, parents and anyone who take part for benefit of educating children. Grade R and 3’s return to school has been postponed until the president announced that schools close for few weeks.

 The COVID19 stats are increasing and we hope that after the school opens things will be better. If things get worse does government have a plan to distribute food to the ones who benefit from school feeding schemes or children should continue going to school even if we can see things are not promising? Mogashoa Primary announced that children should come to school to get lunch on 28 July 2020. The department of Education should have a clear plan of what should happen. Why did the president announce school closure? If the parents are unable to maintain social distance will the children be able to do that?