31 July 2020
Thekwane – Rustenburg
Kennedy Pholose

Recession and Covid 19 contributed to the massive job losses, mostly around the mines and other industries. Covid 19 assistance for unemployed is not enough to put food on the table for the whole month. Food parcels beneficiaries now feels that people who have been laid off do not deserve the food parcels. This happened on the 17th July 2020, when nearby Glencore mine with Kaizer Motaung junior foundation donated 100 food parcels to Thekwana community. It was arranged that only 50 people including community leaders, Kaizer Motaung Jr foundation representatives, Glencore management and food parcel beneficiaries to observe social distancing but over 200 people were outside fighting to be recognized.

 I had to intervene to keep order. Mme Mary was crying claiming that ever since the introduction of the food parcels. ” I am not working and I raise a grand child whose parents had passed away, it is unfair”. Mme Polena in her late eighties was also very angry for not benefitting pointing fingers at the committee that drafted the food parcel list.

According to the Glencore Community Development Officer at Wonderkop plant, it costed them too much money to use Kaizer Motaung Jr foundation. I advised him to use a local foundation or an organization. Maybe it is wise for the all mining companies to empower local farmers and fund them to in order to have a sustainable food programme.