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Food Security the big issue in Ikemeleng

2020 / 08 / 26
Ikemeleng Kroondal

Steven Ramokhula

Rustenburg was known to be the fastest growing town in the world. This was because of mining that is taking place in the city. While Rustenburg was growing that fast, Ikemeleng on the other hand was not, even though it is a host to five mining houses in the city.

People of Ikemeleng relied more in mining for employment and economical boast. The mines on the other hand are developing well known townships and schools in the city because Ikemeleng is an informal settlement.

Ever since the beginning of the Pandemic, people have opted to an alternative economy. Farming is on top of the list as people are now starting to have vegetable gardens in their back yards.

Others identified the opportunity and make it a business. They have started a poultry farming. It is working very well as people now prefer fresh meat than the one refrigerated. There is also shortage of white meat in the country hence tons of it is been imported into the country every month.

People are now opting to food security instead of mining. Others are still very much interested in mining as there is a lot of money.