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“Healing the wounds of debts”

Vosman Emalahleni
Ronald (VEM)

As all we know S.A was in a bad space economically our S.A economy was severely stretch before Covid 19, people there were already losing their jobs closing of companies and to all that corruption it’s another contributing factor.

A budget of 500 billion that had been allocated to assist the public it’s been looted to date no one person it’s implicated or taking responsibility or prosecuted, life goes on like nothing has happened we can safely predict that the same will apply to the current level of looting.

Now it’s worse how can people save money and where is that money come from because people they have saved money because of the pandemic they had to use the money from their savings, people had to stay home for few months and others they lost their jobs permanently and our government announces UIF money from the companies still there’s a challenge companies they have never registered their workers, still department of labour they haven’t done anything about that and UIF it’s deducted from workers’ salaries it’s their money it’s strange how is this happening.

As prices are increasing drastically in different sectors how vulnerable poor S.A people can afford all this increasing of prices and remember salaries are not increasing, we see increasing of food pricing, transport and on the other hand people they have debts and creditors they want their money at the end of the month, all I’m saying nothing it’s going right in our country everything it’s a mess…..