Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Health facilities to provide Covid related services

Happiness Koma
Moshira village
Fetakgomo Tubatse local municipality
31 July 2020

At our village there’s high risk of getting sick because of the grave road that surrounds all the village there’s building near the road and place is very dusty which could affect people health

Some house members suffer from the lung disease, some have TB and have problem of breathing they need fresh oxygen.at this situation of Covid 19 people lose their love one not because they have the virus but their immune system are very weak to handle the oxygen they get outside or inside the building because of dust is too much in every house

Our municipality tried to provide with road but it seems like they made it worse. The road have hole we did sent our compliment to municipality but they haven’t responded yet.so our children and grandparents health are at high risk that is the reason why we seeking for help