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Lack of service delivery in Lekojaneng Community.

Buti Botopela

Lekojaneng community it’s an informal settlement made up by Farm workers who worked in the Tobacco farmers around kroondal. Over 65 years ago and the settlement consists of 12 Houses which were opt for permanent employees only and the community is located in kroondal less than 100 mitres from Bakwena N4 toll gate and it’s just +-6,5 km outside Rustenburg CBD.

Lekojaneng community residents are suffering the most and concerned residents are not happy with the shortage of basic human needs such as proper roads, electricity, running water and sanitation in our community, many have left the community to better their lives because we have long time stayed here but there is no change.

And during an interview with Mr Dakie I asked him of his personal view about the lack of human basic needs. “He said; we are suffering here without service delivery in our community, but when time come for elections its only time you’ll see so called kroondal ward committee and the councillor”.


How and where do you get water?


We get water delivered once or twice in a week from the municipality, but during this pandemic time we have to buy water from people driving around the community selling water and this was better before Covid 19, we used to buy water with R5 per 25 Litres now it’s R10 and if you don’t have the money you have to walk to ikemeleng community which is +-3 Km away from Bolane to fetch water and it’s not safe for women and children as they can get rapped easily and also for us man we come from work tiredly and have to walk more than 3 Km to fetch water.

We are sick and tired with our ward Councillor, Rustenburg local municipality and the mines, we stand together as one community and close the road as the community of Phoane did to get water services.