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Level 2 might be a dangerous move – Rustenburg North West

23 August 2020
Kennedy Pholose
Rustenburg Local Municipality

The way most people are behaving, clearly it shows that we have to be somehow prepared for the more lethal second wave. For the past 3 weeks I saw Boitekong community with disgust indulging themselves on alcohol and food publicly while watching soccer. The area around the sports ground was fully packed, people in groups were smoking, drinking, hugging. Others were dancing to the loud music from their car sound system. There was no social distancing and there were face masks here and there. This reckless behaviour happened before introduction of level 2. It clearly shows that it will be worse now that alcohol, cigarettes ban and restriction of movements have been lifted.

On Saturday I drove around Thekwana, Photsaneng and Mfidike tarvens, they were not as fully packed as it was mampara weekend. Next week Friday most people will be paid and all hell will break loose. Hospitals will be full because of car accidents, knife and gunshot injuries due to alcohol abuse. “I am now busy preparing a massive birthday party and the number of invites will be unlimited” said Rapula. Pamela is also busy with arrangements for her marriage on the 5th September. This trend is made worse by lack of law enforcement by police who tend to take bribes or look the other way.