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Mines distribute Food parcels – Some are happy many are sad

Donald Mphethi
Fetakgomu Tubatse Municipality
Ga-kgwete village

The day of today has been a busy one with many more people assembled at Makgalemane drop-in centre, near Makopi high school for their share of Covid-19 food parcels donated by Marula Platinum Mine.

However, the process had to affect some people negatively because they did not receive their food. In April 2020 there was a call that people should come and get enlisted for food parcels of which the list arrived at about 180 people. The same people were worried that they didn’t receive anything until now in August.

When the food arrived, only those who appeared on the list were given and the rest were very saddened by their rejection. It was a chaotic situation that made most of the people return to their homes very sad.

The state of poverty is too serious in this neighbourhood during these difficult times. According to the interview conducted at the scene, Charles Moraba said that he felt relieved when he saw the dishing out of food to the poor people. He is struggling to find piece jobs and the SRD grant declined him, so the food parcels were his big hope but unfortunately as he was not on the list he didn’t receive anything. He emphasised that the list procedure must reach to the doorstep of every deserving household and the remaining food must not return but rather dished out to the people especially those who did not find the privilege to enlist.

Residents pleads to the Marula Mine to please cater for a larger number of these people by increasing the food so as to cover every needy home.