Tunatazama - Community Monitors

North West Province under Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

Sefikile village


On the 13th July 2020 the Makuka Secondary School was closed due to two teachers were tested and tested positive of the Corona Virus.

They were quarantined without the parents’ knowledge and the SGB’s also kept that a secret from the parents. No one knew until the principal of the school disclose it to the public’s with the thought of the public’s knew but she found out that no one knew.

She then asked why the parents didn’t know, there was no answer. She advised that that is not how to run the school, yes the school cannot disclose the names of the teachers but the parents have the right to know about the updates about the school as their children are those in danger of the virus.

No teacher said anything and the principal made a commitment to the parents using letters as the source of communication to the parents. Now with what the states says, the parents are now scared to send their children at the school saying that the teachers have no truth towards their children and it means their children are not safe anymore.

With the SGB’s being part of the community they don’t understand how and why they kept that from them. There is an issue regarding the SGB’s that they also need to write letters to the children parents as to why do they have kept that info from them and if not they are going to be changed and they are now facing disciplinary hearing towards what they did.

I Amo went to the school yesterday with the thought of talking to the Deputy Principal regarding that and two of the SGB”s denied me the access to that. They said whatever that I want to talk to the Deputy Principal I can talk to them about. It was a lot of noise at the school and then I stood aside and listen to what they said.

I then made an appointment with the Deputy Principal Mrs Nawana and she agreed seeing me. She then asked what the meeting all about is and I went straight to the point and told her what the meeting is all about.

She said to me she can only give me only about 5 minutes now but as for the rest is set for our next meeting on next week Tuesday at 09:00 am in the morning. The two SGB’s begged me not to talk to her before they could write and send letters and they were crying knowing what I do and how I take what I do serious they begged me and I listened to them saying that they must stop playing with our children’s life as our children’s life are at stake and they agreed.

I then asked the Deputy Principal Mrs Nawana that its fine I’ll see her next week Tuesday at 09:00 am in the morning and left the school but I told them am only coming for the right reasons not the other way round.

I proposed to Mrs Nawana that the two SGB’s be the part of the meeting and she agreed and they also agreed to be the part of the meeting. More of the report will be told next week Tuesday after the meeting.