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Opening of Businesses

“Places are opening because of the economy not because it is safe”. Some
25- August-2020
Christinah Mogobye Sefikile village Moses Kotane Local Municipality

I like the message that we were spreading last Sunday on the 16th of August 2020, “Places are opening because of the economy not because it is safe”. This clearly refers to us, the ball is in our court.
This means we still need to take charge of our lives and be responsible. Alcohol sales ban lifting has a very negative impact in the spread of this virus. People are allowed to go taverns and gather there, they are not being monitored, they share bottles, and they are removing their masks because they do not see the need of wearing them while drinking. I stay next to the tavern and did my own inspection as an activist and I could not believe what I saw. There is no sanitizer at the gate or at the till, no temperature (thermometer) scan and social distancing is not maintained. What a disgrace?

I asked the guy who is in charge of the tavern since the owner is staying in Rustenburg, the guy said the president did not mention all these things and I then wondered what precautionary measures meant to other people. I then came to realise that indeed people need to be educated about Covid-19, its rules and regulations, the risks and the consequences thereof because their irresponsible actions come back to us and affect us and our families.

The love of money has blinded people and just because something has been legalised does not mean it is always safe, we still need to act responsibly and save more lives because money cannot always save us, acting responsibly while making money is a good thing and people’s lives won’t be in danger and the spread of this virus would reduce.