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Problems I receiving R350 grant – Our Post Office must improve services

Sekhukhune, GaMogashoa
22 August 2020
Mmabore Mogashoa

As per government, people who are employed had to register for R350 grant so that they will be able to have something during the lockdown period. Most of the people who are registered have no income at all and some depend on their grand/parents pension money which means they are already struggling in life. People registered and some got the money.

One had to go to post office to collect the money where most of the people had to wake up as early as 03h00 to queue at the post office. Most of the time there was no social distancing and network challenges also made matters worse. Our post offices have been experiencing network problems even before COVID19 because it was always full.

Some people spend the whole day waiting to get money even go again the following day because they couldn’t get help. Sassa then introduced a flexible way to change from getting grant at post office to the beneficiary’s bank accounts in August 2020.

People who were unable to change now had to travel as far as Lydenburg and Rossenekal post offices to get the money. Lydenburg is in Mpumalanga province and going there cost a lot which leaves the beneficiary with less money and this increases the level of stress to the people. Services at our Post offices should improve because the Corona virus is still there.