31 JULY 2020

Months after first hearing about the coronavirus, not everyone is moved by this virus. My fear comes when we have to pay for the taxi everyone passes their money to the front seat, luckily with long distance you pay when you write your details on the book. Minibus taxis are the main mode of transport in South Africa, carrying millions of people to work and daily. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, minibus taxi operators in South Africa have been allowed to operate at only 70% capacity under strict social distancing measures which operators say cuts into their profit margins.

Other day, a lady was seated at the front seat with the driver. She started coughing; all eyes were on her. It made her so uncomfortable, and I sympathised so much with her. At the same time, those are the symptoms. It leaves one worrying: could this be it?

There is so little knowledge on this outbreak. Not everyone has access to proper information especially people leaving in the deep rural areas where there is no electricity. It is so risky to travel as commuters.