Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Re-opening of schools during level2 of the pandemic

Name:Eustina Matsepane
Village:Modimolle Village

As knowing that on the 24/08/2020 our children were going back to school so Friday on the 21/08/2020 every parents were at Sefufule primary school to fill forms of we are not affected with corona virus knowing our status because principal were remembering that on the first Re-opening of school they have challenge on one parent who was affected

She was also given us timetables of knowing that how does our children going to attend, what makes me surprise was only children for grade5 not attend the school I have asked myself that why our president together with minister of Education allowed smallest grades to come to school but grade5 not come to school
I have returned back to some memories remembering Tata Madiba that if he was still alive he were not going to allow children to go back to school because he were loving all children