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Sanitize and wash hands, yes do it you not paranoid just playing safe

27 July 2020

When the Corona Virus was discovered in Wuhan there was guidelines set out to prevent getting infected. And those guidelines have been followed by most people, keep a 1.5m distance between you and the next person in public places, wear a mask, sanitize and wash hands as often as required.
I’ve been observing how different business have set up their businesses to meet the requirements to operate. From local spaza shop, we’ll known retailers to delivery companies. And I have to say the delivery companies are not really doing their part based on my observation, although driver do their best when dropping off a parcel.

The local spaza shop owner won’t allow you in if you refuse to sanitize and not wearing a mask, Spar at Sun Village also won’t allow you in if you have no mask on, and the is a sanitiser stand and wipes for trolley handles and they take temperature. I noticed the fish and chips spot have opted to not allow people in, instead people queue outside keeping the distance and they sanitize money. I think all retail stores such take in a certain number of people in. Even my family doctor wouldn’t let even toddlers in without a mask.

And because I’d normally purchase my daughter’s supplies online as it’s more convenient and I get free delivery to my doorstep after buying box of diapers and wipes and I don’t get to lose anything in the taxi. When purchasing they have guidelines on how to act when receiving the parcel. However the delivery companies don’t equip their drivers with sanitisers to sanitise their pens at least as it seem they have dropped the contactless delivery where one doesn’t need to sign a document.
My sister sells personal care products and whenever we receive our parcels we sanitise leave them in the sun for at least an hour, open the box wash our hands, take out contents and dispose of the boxes and then wash our hands again and use aerosol sanitiser to feel content that we did our best to not bring the virus in our home. Mom said you girls are paranoid but i think not, rather safe than sorry.