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SEF Company Support business women in Ikemeleng

20 July 2020

On the 13 July 2020 I was invited to join SEF group in New Stan Ikemeleng at Amelia place. Time to meet was 12h30 and the lady from SEF office she arrived around 12h20.she introduce herself and tell us about SEF. She told us that SEF was established in 1999 at Limpopo province by John to assist business women. She told us before we can qualify, we need to download the Ikemeleng map and named the owner of houses we know according to the section. I was elected to download ikemeleng map and I was assisted by two ladies. From 12h30 to 15h45 trying to do it on the right way to qualify it was not easy. She said if our map is correct,She will come back to us to sign the contract and get money.
Rules and regulations of the company
we need to create five group and each group must have
1. Chairperson
2. Secretary
3. Treasure
and two additional member
so now we have 25 problem. 5 groups we created. After this 5 groups we elected 3 problem to represent all 25 problem or all 5 groups that they will represent ikemeleng centre
1. Chairperson
2. Secretary
3. treasure
Each person will start getting money immediately when our map has approved from R 1000 to R 2500 and if as Ikemeleng centre we run business will we can get money from R1000 to R25000
How to pay this money?
R1000 is R 290 per month
R2500 is R500 per month.
Ikemeleng women are happy to join SEF so they can open small business. Still waiting for map to be approved