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Sewer is ruling our streets Story: 5


Given Zulu

The problem I am reporting about is in Ermelo Wesselton Location in the Mpumalanga Province. They’re facing a Sewer line which is always flowing on the streets and posing a danger firstly to the society’s health, secondly Environment itself, thirdly in Community’s Yards and also in Schools.
It’s a pity because this problem is taking place everywhere in the community and the whole community is directly affected.
The sewer split in the residence front yards and children and elderly people will suffer health complications.

So the blockage of the sewer pipes and a plus population of the community members leads to sewer leakages. Throwing or flashing unwanted substances in the drains/ pipes can also contribute to this. Old and small sewer system can no longer handle the heavy weights.

This is the responsibility of the local Governments, because it’s the government that put connections for the sewer and they should have put in bigger connection (pipes) from the start, and they can still bring change. Whenever there are developing or there are RDP’s that are being build, they can install bigger pipes to prevent or avoid the previous problem’s or They can also put in new bigger sewer system, instead of keep on using tired and old pipes.

As Activist and Community members we should work Hand in hand and write to the government about the problem of the sewer system or we can make petitions. Raising this issues also in the community IDP meetings.
Lastly if this problem is not being solved after a while, we can mobilize and organise a march to the Municipal Offices, demanding implementation of people’s rights.