Tunatazama - Community Monitors

Shortage of medication in Ikemeleng clinic because of covid-19 Pandemic.

Buti Botopela

Ikemeleng community it’s an informal settlement made up by mine workers who opted for living out instead of hostel accommodation Over 60 years ago and the settlement is located in kroondal just +-7km outside Rustenburg Cbd.

Ikemeleng and other surrounding communities such as Bolane, Phoane, Lekojaneng and Sonorwater are not happy and dissatisfied with the shortage of medications at the Ikemeleng clinic. The nurses are also unhappy about all the patients coming into consult and collecting medications, getting tested for Covid-19 and go back home without medications. Patients are being attended but there is no medication and nurses are so worried and it really shows that there is growth and support from nurses during this pandemic time.

And during an interview with my neighbour, Mr Maluleka I asked him of his personal view about the clinic services. “He said; patients are suffering without medication services”. Nurses are humanly than before as they know that people come to government clinics because they do not have the right to private clinics due to lack of income.

I urge the mines and all relevant clinic management stakeholders to come together and alleviate this problem to raise the patients concerns with leadership of the community clinic and ensuring safety and support for themselves and the patients as well.