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Taxi fare increases

28 July 2020
Phokeng Rustenburg
Tumi Mokgatle

Local taxi associations are set to increase fees which will come to effect from the 1st of August.

This comes as taxi associations cite loss of revenues during lockdown period wherein only essential workers were allowed to commute to work.

Phokeng to Rustenburg fee will increase by R2, meaning the 8km trip will be R17. Commuters will pay a hefty fee of R2.12 a kilometre.

Retail, casual workers, construction workers and others who earn less than R4500 will have to pay R816 or 18% of wage earned goes to transportation to commute to work. If a work takes home R4200 then that means the worker will have to survive with just R3600.

The less a worker earn the more the worker has to spend to commute to work.

We are in the mist of crisis and more and more workers cannot survive on what they earn.