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Taxi new regulations

27 July 2020
Phokeng – Rustenburg
Kgang Moloko

There are new regulations on the taxi Industry, every passenger must be sanitised upon entering a taxi, must be wearing a mask and two windows on opposite sides must be opened 3mm to allow ventilation, local taxi are allowed 100% and long distance 70%.

In the extended level 3 lockdown no interprovincial, I have observed that there are taxis travelling between Rustenburg and Pretoria, Randburg, Pretoria and Thabazimbi, I travelled in taxi from Rustenburg to Mahikeng which is long distance and their taxis are 100% passenger, windows are not opened compulsory,some passengers would ask for the windows to be opened but others refuse because it’s cold and ok instead of the driver taking over on the issue he doesn’t and that happens in all taxis both local and long distance.
Sanitizer must be used when entering a taxi but on the local taxis there are flaws as passengers are sanitizers only at the rank going back to our respective villages and townships but never used when boarding to town, and they are not disinfected every time passengers leave the taxi.