Tunatazama - Community Monitors

*The court battle continues*

Kgokong Moraka

The community of Kraalhoek in the North West is at loggerhead with kalaka mine which is the mining rights holder in their community. The mine is currently operated by Stony lime mine. Kraalhoek comrades reiterate that mining industry is cloaked in secrecy which runs contrary to our constitutional values.

Five activists were taken to court after a heavy protest at Kraalhoek village against stony lime.

A week before their appearance in court, one of their leadership confirmed allegations of a promised contract against him to be true, which led to cancelation of their current lawyer. They failed to deal with this challenge in a right way. One highlighted that, it was difficult and felt used by him. When the appearance date was close, they did not have a plan on how they will deal with this matter.

Three days before their appearance a certain non-profit organisation by the name of MACUA volunteered to help together with their human rights lawyer.

They funded the trip to high court and food were covered as well. They found lawyers waiting to battle but unfortunately, Stony lime mine lawyers did not appear today in Mafikeng high court.

The judge then postponed to September. According to the leadership of protesters the protest will commence next week Saturday.