Tunatazama - Community Monitors


29 July 2020
Motlhabe village (Moses kotane)

Since the lockdown of covid-19 went to level 3, we have been experiencing a huge load shedding at Motlhabe and surrounding villages. The people’s consented is that the load shedding doesn’t happening in the same time and the Eskom doesn’t notify them, So they can’t predict what time the electricity will shut down, sometimes the load shedding happened in the midnight and it courses to much damage to their electrical appliance. One of my neighbour has lost her T.V due to unpredictable the load shedding that happening in our area.

One of the section of Motlhabe village has two weeks without the electricity. They have reported the matter to Eskom and even now they haven’t got held. They also reported our area Eskom substation that their refrigerator products has damaged and now they have to throw it way. It seems like everyone blaming Covid-19 for everything happened.

Our business owners also they are in this crisis. They said before lockdown and this world crisis of pandemic Covid 19 they never experienced this crisis. They said without electricity business is very lower. They said that this load shedding it course their business big time because there refrigerators products like meat and milk has damaged and rotten so they have thrown them away.