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The mess in Klerksdorp has no end. Councillors don’t care about Sewerage Spillage

Klerksdorp/ Jouberton
20/August 2020
Petrus Moshe

On behalf of Catholic Justice and Peace Commission wishes to present this as a deepest concern which need to speed up without any effort to be dealt with by the Klerksdorp Municipality. The broken of water pipes spills sewerage is all over.

This is unbearable and appalling for human habitation and health hazard. It is a time that our councillors should revise their responsibilities and Batho Pele Principles. The basic of Batho Principles. The delivery of basic services should never be compromised at all costs. But local Church in Jouberton, extension 6, Roman Catholic, crèche, Ediseng, and streets on Mokgoranyane Street seems to be depositing smells of sewerage spillage all over, schools, churches and communities adjacent to this suffer the consequences of this negligence.

Councillors of before or now are not ready prepare to address this matter, this is long overdue. It is appears that they don’t take the interest of Community at heart. People who really chosen, People who really love them, People who believe that they grievances and aspirations will be attending, by marking X, for them with hope. But, it really hurts. As Commission guided by the principle of respect to human dignity in all spheres political, economic, socially and environmentally.

We demand that this mess in extension 6, at St Peters in Jouberton be cleaned within 14 days because our people affected and sick, coupled with Corona pandemic. We demand that the Right to Health in our Constitution be adhered to in totality.
Failure, we will go to Premier’s Office and other avenues.
Enough, is Enough, Long Live Spirit of No Surrender, No Justice, and No Peace!