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Tsotsisi, has infiltrated Government Officials

Jouberton, Klerksdorp
Petrus Moshe


The Klerksdorp, in Northwest West, Southern Gauteng Province,

On the 07/08/2020 the streets were barricaded with big stones, Tyres were blasting, the fire was spreading like blast inferno. The road of Benji Elephant which is en route to work was standstill for some couples of minutes, only songs of freedoms and ululation were high in the sky.

And when one asks why this happening and what motivated this display of anger. It was sad that the Boks insist that they must be offered tender as a rule in this municipalities. It is indeed so pathetic to the ship is sinking because of corruption which is happening in our municipality, but this applies everywhere in the country. Certain officials benefit at the expense ordinary tax players.

I smell a rat! One Day is Day, we will get the new horse and donkey when we will demonstrate our democratic right for voting, to get out from this, and save from the jaws of sharks, unethical leadership and corrupted for ever! Amandla,