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Unity Defeat Everything

20 July 2020
Moroke Sekutlong in Limpopo under Fetakgomo Tubatse Local Municipality
by: Tokelo Mahlakoane

We as Activists we are still working together with Socialist Workers and Gift of the Givers in our village. The relationship we built on the matter of Food Parcels during this tough time of Covid-19 Lockdown. The Aim is that after this Pandemic at least 85-90% Residence of Sekutlong should receive Food Parcels, Even though they have terms and Conditions that end up make people not getting those Food Parcels but we are using our Own Tactics that will make many people get foods.

According to them the person who Qualify to get that foods should not receive anything from the Government, So when we set down and check, we only found that only one or two family can get that foods, while this food come out in the name Relief Food for Covid-19 which means it doesn’t discriminate but all of us must have that food.

 We are making sure that every Household got that food parcels especially in the family that depend in Social Grants. By now we’ve Covered 70% even though some of families they wish every time when Food parcels distributed should not live them behind. Because since the lockdown started our brothers and sisters came back home from Johannesburg and from other province, so this means they have to Cook with big pots and not forgetting that they’re increment of prices in the shops, so they are some people really in need of that Food Parcels not once but frequently. Those are some challenges we are facing as Activists. But I hope and think we will do more.