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Water problems

Empumelelweni EMalahleni
Promise (VEM)

Water is life but not in EMalahleni Empumelelweni since the lockdown started only in level 5 where they show concern and that they care, now is a different story people are back to the stream to get water. Even the Jojo tanks they placed in some areas are always empty and nobody knows when are they coming, so people don’t wait for that not knowing for sure they will come or not.

The saddest part is that we are still seeing numbers growing for affected people with Covid 19 and when I visited the stream people were not even wearing their mask it is not real safe but what can they do be we have to wash our hands regularly when I asked them why they didn’t wear their mask they just laughed and say when you think of the line and rushing can you think of that mask. They will bury us because this is maybe our government and want.