Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Kgokong Moraka

The kraalhoek community continue to battle and protect their rights against Stony lime mine and Kalaka the mining rights holders.

I remember attending a workshop in Rustenburg under Bua and we were asked to formulate the slogan that will bring awareness to the community.  Mine was *#who ate our berries.* I started to write this hashtag at the end of community invitations every time in community meeting after my comments I will say #who.ate our berries. Some community members started to adopt this hashtag and it is all over to the village. This has brought an awareness of our Land which still belongs to the community. Now it is trending at the village as the protest continues.

Yesterday, I got a report that Stony lime manager Mr Jan called our people kaffers, and monkeys which led to his assault. Five police vans, quantum and two choppers arrived at the site looking for robbers and misinterpreted the whole thing after seeing a group of black people fighting three white people. They started to point guns at the community members and instructed them to lay down. Few were beaten and after getting an understanding that it is a protest they apologized.

But this has helped the protest to gain momentum fast as older women said enough is enough.

Most of community members thought the mine can do anything they can with their Land because they have the mining rights. Now they said they want their berries and I pointed them to the issue of our un-rehabilitated Land.

Thank you so much to all organisations that are supporting and finding Bua mining and their facilitators.