Vosman (Emalahleni)
Ronald Mhlakaza ( VEM)

Through time woman are subjected to a lot of changes in nature due to cultural norms and values, gendered division through socialazation and power dynamics, woman bear an unequal load of domestic responsibility.

In many societies especially low income communities that are considered poor and rural gender norms define woman’s role as largely associated with being a home maker as mother’s and caregivers,
There gender inqualities and differences in woman’s roles influences the courses , experience and concequences of woman interacting and being interdependent with nature.

Woman bear an unequal share of work and responsibilities of feeding and caring for family members through these chores that are dominated by activities, such as collecting firewoods and water however these activities are time consuming and limit woman’s choices of other productive opportunities sacrificing their health, food nutrition and education for there to be environmental justice, environmental laws and policies need to be applied appropriately human rights and the environment need be protected.