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Youth Action on COVID poverty and hunger – food gardens

10 August 2020
By Velile Khoza
Mfidikoe village

The young generation of Mfidikoe an bokamoso community came in number’s as the Mfidikoe bokamoso Community development forum volunteer’s starting to clear an prepare the communal garden for a project to start on the 11 August 2020 called mfidikoe food garden’s.

This food gardening project is COVID-19 initiative to alleviate hunger within poverty striking families, since COVID-19 started the community based NPO called Mfidikwe bokamoso community development forum (mbcdf) have been in partnership with Seriti institute donating food parcels, they saw food parcels are not suitable than teaching community member’s to produce food since well we don’t know when will this pandemic ends.

As we do land feasibility studies of big does the community yard’s back space is free, we found that there is a huge space’s in every identified members who will attend the workshop.

This food gardening workshop comes with packages of vegetable seed’s an compost so that after the 20 attendees are done with a 4 day’s workshop will have to start vegetable backyard garden’s an after they’re establishing their garden’s the npo will monitor the 20 attendee’s garden’s to for see that they are practicing what the capacitation had rendered to them.