Khuthala Environmental Care Group

Climate Change programme was on the 31/08/2020 at 11:00am, it was held in Sibusiso Sethu Day Care Centre. The Workshop was supported by WOMIN and hosted by Khuthala Women’s Movement. Women were given a platform to talk about the challenges they’re facing like Unemployment, Water Scarcity and where taps are far they have to travel with wheel barrows to collect water every single day. Animals that go astray was also a challenge to those who have back yard gardens. Many had no space to do food garden. Electricity it’s expensive and they only have small amount of money to buy and survive.

They were taught about the impact of Climate Change, how to save seeds, and were encouraged to protect their back yard garden from heavy rain, extreme weather and to have a tree in their yards.

Seeds were donated to the Women and they were shown how to make soap. Many are looking forward do it because getting a job is still a dream to come true? Some decided to formalising themselves to do Community Food Garden. A short Climate change video documentary was played for them to see what they were taught and that this is a World Wide challenge. Solutions are in our hands, just to act and clean up the mess that we are experiencing. Its either we act and stand up or we relax, seat down and watch our one and only planet earth go parish in our eyes!