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Depression will grow in communities

28 August 2020
Morapaneng Village

Victoria Makgoo

Lots of people are happy with fact that alcohol and cigarette sales will be allowed and clubs and bars will be opened. Well, l don’t know how much of a benefit it will be for many, but one thing for sure there will be tears.

Level 2 allows your boss to retrench you, it allow your landlord to evict you and allow your bank to repossess whatever you have been owing for months. Which sector of the economy is still under lockdown, and how critical is it for our survival?
The economy may be “opened “but that does not mean people will have money to spend, and that doesn’t mean people will be supporting your business.

Unemployment will soar and recession will prolong. Many people will be die, most of them are breadwinners in their families that income will be gone forever, Most will become Orphans in a world where blood is not necessarily thicker than water. We will be destabilised, most move back ward when everyone is moving on….Depression will be more severe than you’ve ever seen, more suicide and crime.