Tunatazama - Community Monitors


Speaking from a Man’s perspective .let’s stop the Violence against women.

Amo Tshabalala
Sefikile village under North West under Moses Kotane Local Municipality


What the whole universe is saying about G.B.V?
What S.A our country is saying about G.B.V since the rate has gone high during COVID 19?
Is bringing the doers to book enough?
Are the doers learning something out of their actions or is it them proving to be men enough about what they are doing?
What about those who witness all the actions? Are they being taken to consideration that they also need help about what they have witnessed?

What is the government is saying all about this?
How about bringing education to the G.B.V doers so that they can know that what makes a complete men is not about abusing your loved one?

A all complete men out there are protecting their loved once, what is so different with you who is abusing our women compared to those who protect them?

Who are men enough between the two?

Let’s stop G.B.V in our areas. What about our little girls in the process of witnessing all that? Aren’t they having nightmares? We’re building hatred towards men in their lives, is that a good thing to do?

Am speaking from a men perspective, let’s protect, build, love care for them all and stop building what we don’t want to see being revealed and used against us.

What are the states saying all about that?
What are we (men) saying all about that?

Enough is enough…
Damage has been done and now is the time to fix all that and show our women that we are not animals, we are here and there to protect them, we are the shelter for them, and we are always there and here for them.

Let’s we (men) stop G.B.V and make this universe a better place for all.

Education is the key to success.
Communication is the cure to everything.
Behind every successful man there is a woman.