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Increase in deaths in communities

We don’t know if this is Covid related

Mmathapelo Thobejane
Ditwebeleng Village
21 September 2020

Since the start of the lockdown there’s has been do many deaths in the communities what worries us is that we don’t really know if these deaths are Covid – 19 related.
Most of the people don’t want to take their loved ones to hospital when they are sick because they believe that public hospital don’t take good care of the patients and also the fear of hearing the bad news about this pandemic, some believe that Covid – 19 is treated easily at home were you have the loved ones taking care of you.

The issue is that people die from home and now the community will never find out if the cause was due to covid-19 and now that there are so many deaths it really brings frustration

Now we have moved to level 1 of lockdown and more people are allowed to attend the funerals for wich we need to be careful because of the above mentioned subject.

I think we are not safe at all as communities we might see an increase again of covid-19 and that will put us on risk.