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Level Two – Was it a mistake?

31 August 2020
David Gaanakgomo

Since level two people started to change their behaviour. They are now living as if the novel coronavirus is no more existing.
Social distancing is no longer observed even the numbers which were required at the funerals are no longer taken into consideration. As for social life, people are now socializing without any consideration. If you go to the taverns people are always full, without face masks and no social distancing. Even the officials are scared to control them.
Come to think about it, it is better for the economy of the country to come back to normal in expenses of people’s lives? The leaders thought of the country’s economy instead of the human beings lives. Even if one is cautious one will never know. I pity our essential workers who risked their lives to save our own. If some of the businesses were not opened like were people gather.
Now it seems like lockdown was a waste of time and money. The officials are scared to go to the taverns to check if lockdown regulations are followed but instead go to the churches and funerals because there, people are obedient.