Thulani Snake-Park Soweto
Thokozile Mntambo

On the 31st of July 2020 learners in Thulani Snake-Park went to school for the feeding scheme program to get food as instructed by the minister of education. Learners were given food and consent forms for parents to sign, and we’re also promised to receive food parcels on Monday when they go back to the feeding scheme.

03 August 2020 Monday

Learners went to school early in the morning with the hope that they will get food parcels. When they got school they were served pap and milk and each child was given a fruit. They did not get the promised food parcels and were sent back home and told to come back on Tuesday.

Many learners don’t have face masks and the school does not hand them out when they come for the feeding scheme program. So many learners are sent back home if the mask is dirty or if they are not wearing any mask. The school does not seem prepared because some of the fruit they gave was rotten and the school does not have PPEs to give to children who are attending the feeding scheme program.