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Motlhabe Post Office closed due to a nurse who posted positive for Covid19

31 August 2020
Buda Lentswe
Moses Kotane Village

Our local Post office and the clinic are located next to each other. For a week now the post office has not been operating because a nurse who tested positive happened to be at the post office the same day she tested positive on so the post office was closed immediately. Funny the clinic was never closed till today and we not being informed and lacking knowledge. The nurse is from Moduleng and she gets to travel to work, my worry is how many people she could have spread the virus to on that very same day at work, at home and on her way to work as she uses public transport to get to work.
Today is the 31st and the old age and our disabled brothers and sisters who depend on grant are expecting to receive their grant at the post office by Wednesday, with the post office closed it means they will have to go to other far places and that gets them to more risks of getting infected