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No payments because they are not in their payroll

31 August 2020
David Gaanakgomo

A team from the North West department of health led by administrator Jeanette Hunter raided offices at the Mmabatho Medical Depot. The raid uncovered unpaid invoice of 50 companies worth millions. Some of the unpaid invoice date back to 2014.

When the administration team arrived in the department in 2018 the stock level of essential medicine was at 64 percentage and it was improved to about 85 percentage through intervention. However, the level started dropping in the beginning of the year and some companies stopped delivering medications in March 2020 citing none payment of invoices.

The stock levels did not change despite money being available in April 2020.The department after getting assistance to speed the payment realized that some of invoices are not paid.
The department could not pay because some invoices were missing. The poor instead suffered because of their neglecting to pay suppliers as they are not in their payroll. Now our health department system is working without essentials.