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Our Community gets Police to take action on a rape issue

Mahadio Mohapi*

On the 17th of August Justice Peace and Wamua paid a visit to the family of an 18 years young girl who was raped by 3 gangsters.

I received a call to inform me that a girl was raped. It was last week Saturday. We quickly rushed to the scene to check and know what exactly happened.

Unfortunately we found the girl at the scene along with the forensic. The police didn’t open the case and the girl was raped on Saturday at 04:00am. The victim stated that she knows one of the suspect, she heard and can recall the voice of that man. Still the police haven’t opened the case.

The community gathered at the street and the same suspect was also present. He came with a mission of attacking the community with weapons. The police still refused to open a case due to the fact that the girl had insufficient proof.

As Justice and Peace we managed to call the media and Radio stations to assist with publishing and exposing the story out there. We also called the provincial Police to help us since the local police failed us.
Luckily 3 suspects were arrested the previous week. Hopefully Justice will be served DURING THE 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM