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What is it that we are saying about women and girls during Pandemic?

Amo Tshabalala
Sefikile village
North West province under Moses Kotane Local Municipality
31 August 2020

What is it that we are saying about women and girls during Pandemic?
What is our government saying about Women and Girls of this country as it preaches that they are the future and seeds of this country?
Should we activists of this country stand up for the Women of this country as our seeds and raise our voices so that the government can do something for them?
Should we always tell our people and government what to do like it always does tells us what to do?

I think its about time that we do something best for our seeds so that the government can recognise them. Our government is recognising our seeds (Women) by talking only as for the actions it is not recognising them. Let us be their voices not their murders…

Since this Pandemic a lot has happened to our seeds (Women) and a lot meaning bad things done by us men. Rape, murder and other violence actions has been at the top of the list of our thoughts to our seeds (Women).

Let’s protect our Women,
Let’s make them proud
Let’s let them see us men as their heroes not what has been happening even to the government side. I stand for our seeds (Women) and say to all Women;

Your seeds of this world
you’re the salt of this world
you’re the flowers of this universe…

Without you our seeds (Women)
We the Men are nothing
But with you
We the Men are the best

To all the Women…
You have now our voices…
and more but not murders and rapists anymore…

I stand and say to all the seeds (Women) of this universe continue to be the flowers as we men be nurturing you.

Report by:
Amo Tshabalala.